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3 Little Halos Fund established to provide interactive lessons

Article originally posted by Kelsey Cano, Staff Writer - Journal-News


When Susan Butler lost her three grandchildren in a West Chester Twp. apartment fire nearly three years ago, she knew she had to do something to prevent other families from going through the same devastating experience.

Aubrey, 7; Alex, 5; and Braden, 3, died when smoke alarms failed to wake the family and alert them of a fire.

Now Susan and her husband, Jim, are working to keep their grandchildren’s legacies alive through the 3 Little Halos Fund, which they established to promote fire safety, prevention and awareness, in addition to household safety.

The Butlers unveiled Friday, May 21, the first donation from the fund, Sparky’s Hazard House, which the Fire Department will use to educate young children. Each room in the interactive house portrays a different hazard, such as falling asleep with a lit cigarette, touching live wires while in a bathtub or a dryer catching on fire.

A wireless remote, operated by a firefighter, simulates the hazards.

Orange flames appear behind a pot on a kitchen stove or wires behind a computer light up with a click of a button.

West Chester Fire Chief Tony Goller said such interactive tools are imperative to teaching fire safety to kids.

“We’re saving a lot of lives by using hands-on education,” Goller said. “Children will be a lot more attentive to it and remember.”

“If we can help someone else avoid what we’ve had to go through, it’s all worth it,” Jim said.

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