Our purpose is to educate children to be aware of their current environment, so they can act or react in a manner that can prevent them from a fatality or serious injury; and, we want to do it in a realistic and fun way. We are moving forward with hopes of building a permanent safety town here in West Chester and/or Liberty Townships, which may be accessible to neighboring communities. Safety Town would address many hazards that our children face in the 21st century.


Safety Town will reinforce safety measures such as, but limited too: fire, traffic, water, school, railroad crossing, sever weather, vehicle, predator, animal, weapon and cyber safety practices. Safety Town will feature scale-built buildings including homes, businesses and downtown clocktower. Bicycles and battery-powered vehicles will be used for children to drive around town. There will also be a fully functional community center, which will house interactive classrooms for instruction and demonstrations hosted by local community services departments. We plan to offer our services at no cost to Butler County students. 


Partnerships, private donations and other developmental avenues will be the key sources of revenue for Safety Town. Recommended partnership levels will be established, such as platinum, gold, silver, etc. Each level will reflect the amount of the donation or partnership provided by the sponsoring parties. Some levels will include benefits including, but not limited too: branding/logos on bricks, street signs, vehicles/bicycles, buildings, billboards, etc.


As 3 little Halos Safety Town is a recognized 501 (c)3 not-for-profit organization, all funds generated from partnerships/donations will be utilized for the sole purpose of the enhancement, maintenance and continuation of the Safety Town message.


Safety Town personnel will, for the most part, consist of full-time volunteers. The plan is to have one full-time paid position, Director of Safety Town, who’s role will be to oversee all aspects of Safety Town. A part-time position will likely be needed once our curriculum is in place. This part-time position will work closely with local community services entities (i.e. West Chester Fire and Police Departments) with specific training qualifications to conduct demonstrations and/or educational courses. Our town will also be used to train other potential community service workers, community events and more.

3D Safety Town Rendering
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